If you want to take a brief flight to get an overview of Puerto Penasco, don't go to the airport but head out to the
Reef and there on the side of the road is a guy selling
scenic flights. The road is his runway. Sometimes he has
to wait for trucks to pass but most times he roars down the road, cars coming the other way, for his take-off.

A lot of the people here have to work hard to make a living. Vendors constantly walk the beach trying to sell
there various wares. Sunglasses, one of a kind carvings of ironwood, kites that only seem to fly here in Puerto
Penasco, very colourful paper flowers, shells and all kind of jewelery. Even when the vendor has told you it is
'almost free', don't be afraid to bargain a little. If you want your hair braided or a temporary tattoo, that is also
available on the beach. What about a massage or pedicure. David is a licensed masseuse and will come to you.

RV parks abound along the beach front. This year, 2004/05, it looks like the RV parks got together and fixed the
prices. They are pretty much the same where ever you go. They have made a substantial increase over last
year. Now the parks are much quieter this year. Mmmmm maybe it had something to do with the increases. I
stayed at Playa Elegante RV Park. Most likely the quietest park on the east side of town

Lots of interesting people here, both local and visitors. Many, like
Roland the boat builder and Linda, spend 6
months of each year here. You need to check out
Larry the kite man. On the right day he will have several large
kites flying. Look for the Mexican that wades through the tidal pools looking for octopus or you may come across  
David the
Masseuse, on the beach giving a client a massage right there by the water
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